Grain Products

Our products include:
  • Whole Wheat Flour–Soft, White, Winter Wheat that is milled on Buhr stone and packaged fresh. This flour is low gluten.
  • Unbleached White Flour–whole wheat flour is sifted to remove middlings.
  • Bran–The fibrous outer shell of the wheat. This product is a high-fiber addition to cereals and oatmeal, or eaten with milk. It may also be used in some bread recipes or as a stick-preventing material between baked goods and stones or pans.
  • Cracked Wheat–This is wheat ground with the stones separated far enough apart that the wheat berry is just broken open. Cracked wheat makes an excellent hot cereal and addition to whole-grain breads.
  • Wheat Berries–Whole kernels of wheat that have been cleaned and packaged. They may be made into a coldwheat-berry salad, cooked hot, or added to some whole-grain bread recipes.
  • Corn Meal–Whole yellow corn cleaned and ground on a steel hammer mill.
  • Buckwheat–Whole Buckwheat kernels cleaned and ground on a steel hammer mill, and then sifted to remove the outer bran.
  • Rye–Whole Rye berries ground on a steel hammer mill. This is an excellent flour for hearty, whole-grain bread. When possible, this is also available stone ground on the vertical granite mill.

These products are made from grains grown at Saint Vincent by local farmers.