Bread & Jams

Bread and Jams
The Gristmill General Store sells a large variety of bread and jams. We have a different assortment of Bread on sale including Monastery bread, Saint Benedict bread, raisin cinnamon bread, five grain bread and more.

Jellies, Jam and PreservesWe sell a large variety of preserves, jellies and jams. Some of the flavors available include:

  • Apricot Preserve
  • Blackberry Seedless Jam
  • Blueberry Preserve
  • Boysenberry Seedless Jam
  • Cherry Preserve
  • Damson Plum Jam
  • Elderberry Jelly
  • Hot Pepper Jelly
  • Mango Pepper Jelly
  • Peach Preserve
  • Pomegranate Jelly
  • Red Raspberry Seedless Jam
  • Rhubarb-Orange Conserve
  • Rhubarb-Strawberry Preserve
  • Strawberry Preserve
  • Sweet Orange Marmalade