The Millers

markbauerAt this juncture a word of tribute to the many Saint Vincent monks who labored in the gristmill is in order. Little is known about the five pioneers who first served as millers in the gristmill; they were: Brother Peter Seemueller as first miller, Brother Leo Christ, Brother Majolus Kreutinger, Brother Corbinian Schiller and Brother Veremund Erhaid. We do know, however, of the tragic death of Brother Majolus at the gristmill on January 24, 1862, when he was caught in a belt.

The lay brother who is considered to be the greatest of all of the millers at the Saint Vincent Gristmill was Brother Mark Bauer (pictured above). He served two stints as miller, from 1879 to 1888 and from 1907 to 1946—over forty-eight years. He was pleasant, humble and a hard worker. A treasure trove of information on the gristmill is preserved in Brother Mark’s Diary 1924-1946. Even though Brother Mark suffered from various illnesses during the last few decades of his life, he continued to work in the gristmill until a few weeks before his death, at the age of 89, on September 13, 1946. And from 1946 until 1951 Brother Bernard Lewitzke was the miller, having stepped into the breach caused by the illness and death of Brother Mark Bauer. Brother Joseph Weigl was in charge from 1951 to 1970. He did yeoman’s work at the gristmill, but in 1970 was forced into retirement by a heart condition. He died on November 23, 1976.

The Millers at Saint Vincent
Brother Peter Seemueller, 1854-?;
Brother Leo Christ, 1854-?;
Brother Majolus Kreutinger, 1854-1863;
Brother Corbinian Schiller, 1854-?;
Brother Veremund Erhaid, 1854-?;
Brother Mark Bauer, 1879-1888;
Brother Chilianus Weigand, 1888-1907;
Brother Mark Bauer, 1907-1946;
Brother Bernard Lewitzke, 1946-1951;
Brother Joseph Weigl, 1951-1970;
Brother Edward Grinder, 1970;
Brother Eric Vogt, 1970-1971;
Brother Derris Jeffcoat, 1971-1976;
Brother Mark Peters, 1975-1979;
Father Justin Nolan, Brother Tobias Yott, Brother Francis Crawford, Brother Christopher Hoff, Brother Justin Matro. 1979-1984;
Father Kurt J. Belsole, 1984-1985;
Brother Francis Ehnat, 1985-1988;
Brother Paul R. Taylor, 1988-1990.
Brother Michael McIlwain, 1990-91
Brother William Francis Vernon, 1991-92
Brother Philip Casper, 1991-92.
Brother Matthew T. Laffey,
Gristmill Committee, (Father Paul R. Taylor, Chairman),
Brother Joseph M. Adams, 1997-2001
Brother Dominic Shipsky, O.S.B., 2001-2003
Brother Michael Gabler, O.S.B., 2003-2008
Brother Francis Ehnat, O.S.B., 2008-2012
Brother Michael Antonacci, O.S.B., 2012-2013
Brother Matthew Nguyen, O.S.B., 2013-2015
Brother Matthew Hershey, O.S.B., 2015-2017
Brother Dominic Leo, O.S.B., 2017-2019
Brother Anselm Zhang, O.S.B., 2019-